About Me

To my valued audience, hello and welcome to my personal website. This platform features many anticipated modern day marketing, personal finance, and investing guides. This website is my professional work to date that I intend on sharing with the world to help someone in a position they are in, a life stage, or simply the know-hows of the modern business world. All of this is to help launch your career and personal life to the next level.

My name is Michael Moran and I am in my early twenties living my post graduate career on the west Michigan lakeshore. A little history on myself, I was born and raised in a small beach town called Grand Haven, Michigan also known as ‘Coast Guard City USA’ where I spent my childhood attending top schools, playing soccer, and learning career skills from influential figures. I grew up in a family of four with my mother, father, and younger brother. We are close knit family with a rich family heritage in both the state of Michigan and the country of England.

My father Patrick has a British background growing up in Long Eaton, England and my mother Stacy is from Grass Lake, MI. I learned how to play soccer from my dad and he was a coach for a large portion of my playing career. Together my parents owned and managed modest rental properties when I was growing up and I learned the ins and outs of the industry through observation. I can remember following my parents around as they renovated duplex homes, observing the trade and ingraining principles in my memory.

Hometown of Grand Haven, MI

I attended Grand Haven High School and graduated in 2014, playing four years of varsity soccer and I had involvement in many student clubs, such as Michigan DECA and Students Live United. I always took pride in representing my hometown and community through sports and business, and I still do to this day. To prepare for college course work and the next level of soccer, I took business marketing courses and played soccer year round.

From there I was recruited to play NCAA Division 1 Soccer at the University of Detroit Mercy where I studied a semester of business administration. My freshman season I featured in a handful of games, the most notable highlight was playing in the UNLV Nike Invitational winning the whole tournament. Although I had a great season, I was looking for a transition closer to home.

In 2015 I transferred to Western Michigan University and attended the Haworth College of Business. The university was closer to home, my father had many meetings there for the United Way of Kalamazoo, and I had just traveled to their soccer stadium for a game with University of Detroit Mercy.

I also knew a lot of students at the university, along with a sibling of a relationship I was in at that time. It was a great experience being involved in sales & marketing clubs, alumni relations, and inter mural sports. I was able to grow my personal and professional network in a positive environment.

Alumni Relations Building 2018

My business career kick started in the Haworth College of Business right from the start. I graduated in 2018 with a degree in sales and business marketing, and I have been in both the corporate and entrepreneurial side of business since attending college.

This blog will highlight the lessons I’ve picked up along the way. My career thus far has taught me the importance of being a person of value to your clients. No matter the industry, a product or service of real value is the winner in my experience.

I bring knowledge and experiences on the subjects as I have been learning real world marketing, personal finance, economics, and real estate since a young age. These are enormous subjects that tie together through the inter workings of the industries.

The goal of my website is to provide real life informative content to guide readers in any stage of their business and personal life. My professional experience includes Marketing Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, and Financial Markets Investing.

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St. Pete Beach, FL

Pictured above is myself toward the end of 2019 on a family retreat to celebrate the start of my business. This was a transformation time period in both my personal and professional career.

I had just launched IHG Management in October, an affordable property management service offered in the west Michigan area. Along with my professional brand I began creating content for my personal brand (freelance services, podcast, blog).

IHG stands for the Innovative Housing Group, a philosophy that the shareholders used to kick start the company and begin setting short and long-term goals. Housing prices are soaring in the state of Michigan as the affordable housing crisis reaches its peak.

The vision I see in 10 years involves modern housing units for an affordable purchase and rental price, with more space effective construction. Straying away from the traditional stick built house and into more efficient units will allow landlords to provide affordable housing.

Favorite Quotes

“Impossible is nothing.”

Muhammad Ali

โ€œThe only thing standing between you and your goal is the bulls**t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.โ€

Jordan Belfort

โ€œDo I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?โ€

Abraham Lincoln

Letโ€™s build something together.