What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that exist today. The outreach marketing process contains many components and email is one of the most efficient marketing tools in today’s landscape. In this blog we will cover the basics of email marketing. It is crucial to plan the structure of your message before sending a mass email marketing campaign.

Subject Line Formation – This should be engaging and toward your target audience

Body – The body of the email is where your value proposition should be positioned

CTA (Call to Action) – Learn More, Sign Up, Contact Us, etc.

How do we measure the effectiveness of each campaign?

Open Rate – The amount of email subscribers that open the email sent out in a campaign

Click Through Rate – Clicks on email marketing content which measures engagements.

Bounce Rate – When an email doesn’t reach a recipients inbox and “bounces”.

Email Marketing Providers (CAN SPAM Act Included)

  • Constant Contact
  • Mailchimp
  • Hubspot

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