Marketing Strategy Outline

  1. BUSINESS MISSION – What is the mission statement of the company and what are the goals of the company in the next 5 years?
    1. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses  – Has the company identified a competitive advantage within the internal strengths?
    2. External Opportunities and Threats  – Social, Demographics, Economic, Political, Legal, and Financial. Identify these external opportunities and threats to gain and understanding of the macro environment and competition.
  3. OBJECTIVES – Are the objectives based in sales, profits, or customers?
    1. Target Market Strategy  – Identify your market segments.
    2. Marketing Mix  
      1. Product 
      2. Place/Distribution 
      3. Promotion 
      4. Price 
  5. IMPLEMENTATION, EVALUATION, AND CONTROL – What is the implementation timetable and what are the measurable performance standards?

These five pillars lay the foundation for identifying a marketing strategy. The answers to these questions will provide the implementation strategy moving forward for any company with growth goals.

Source: Western Michigan University Marketing Department

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