Market Update 12/28/2020

The DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 closed at record highs today both intraday and closing price. The market was on fire today! There is no telling what sort of short-term fluctuations will happen. All we can do is match our risk profile with our portfolio’s asset allocation and strategy.

DOW +0.68%

NASDAQ +0.74%

S&P 500 +0.87%

According to Yahoo news “Trump gave approval to Congress’s bipartisan $900 billion stimulus package Sunday evening after objecting to the bill earlier last week. In approving the stimulus package, Trump also signed Congress’s $1.4 trillion omnibus bill providing funds for the government through the end of the fiscal year, averting a government shutdown. The virus relief package included a more modest $600 payment that fell short of Trump’s demand to cut $2,000 checks to most Americans. Trump also called for lawmakers to cut items he considered wasteful and unnecessary” in the bill.”

The stock market fluctuates by word of mouth in the short-term however the long-term is where real return happens through economic output and GDP growth. These are the ideologies of the famous Vanguard founder John C. Bogle.

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