Financial Markets Update: 11/17/2020 – Back to Reality For the US Markets

Financial markets dipped on Tuesday morning as COVID cases surge across the United States. Positive vaccine progression news has fueled financial markets in the US over the short term and the benchmark indexes have hit record highs in recent days. Today the dow is currently down -300 points and below is the NASDAQ and S&P 500:

Red days are healthy for financial markets and your portfolio. The indexes rise year after year and retire millions and millions of people each year. The long-term is where real return happens. Overall more investors are more positive about entering the market and we are seeing the real possibility of a vaccination. The October Jobs Report can be found in my earlier post on politics.

Michael’s Highlighted Returns Week of 11/16:

FXAIX – The Fidelity 500 Index Fund: 9.75%

ADP – Automatic Data Processing: 20.07%

*FXAIX is a fund, ADP is an individual stock

Michael’s TOP Performers:








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