Political Update: Biden President-Elect Drives Crypto + Trump’s Economic Recovery

Fastest economic recovery in American history! 📈

More testing than any other country and quick to shut down the border..

Remember, the cure can be worse than the cause..

I’m all for masks, social distancing, and limited capacity 😷

However, we can’t shut down this great country again like before..

Democratic leaders, I’m curious, what does this COVID-19 task force look like (assuming results hold)? With cases spiking, Are we going back into lockdown again?

Remember to keep comments respectful, I’m genuinely interested. Here’s the link for the October jobs report:


President Trump will finish his term strong until the results become official. If results hold, I’m gutted, however thrilled to see one of the world’s greatest and most iconic businessman expand more units in Florida. Here is a picture of me visiting his stomping grounds back in 2017!

Cryptocurrency is hitting record highs, people are terrified! The US dollar is being compromised.

Biden has announced a Covid-19 task force and calls for America to “unite and heal”.

Here’s What I Think Will Happen Under Biden:

Lower GDP from higher corporate taxes and more taxes on the wealthy will cause a decline in the free market. Tariff reversals and trade policy deregulation will lead to the United States being taken advantage of like in 2008-2016. Socialist principles and the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal will cost trillions of dollars and take ages to get pushed through congress.



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