Michael’s Portfolio & Investment Strategy

Michael is a modern day consultant and investor with investments in the US Stock Market, US Government, and cash reserves. Michael’s Individual Brokerage Account is with Fidelity Investments. Michael runs a Facebook group called ‘Fidelity Platform Investors’ where like-minded Fidelity investors gather to share and exchange ideas on investing in financial markets.

Portfolio Breakdown

Individual Brokerage Account:

FSMAX – Fidelity Extended Market Index Fund – 7.96%

FXAIX – Fidelity 500 Index Fund – 50.31%

FSSNX – Fidelity Small Cap Index Fund – 7.78%

SPAX (Core Holding) – Fidelity Government Money Market – .01%

FNBGX – Fidelity Long Term Treasury Bond Index Fund – 14.23%

FSCSX – Fidelity Select Software & IT Services Portfolio – 19.68%

My individual brokerage account is comprised of Fidelity Index Funds with a strategy of blending Large Cap, Mid Cap, and Small Cap funds to make a total US Stock Market blend. The funds contain low expense ratios, low turn-over rates making for tax efficient gains in the long run.

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Michael Moran

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