Digital Performance Results: Greater Ottawa County United Way

My whole family has been involved in the nonprofit world for their whole career, and growing up I spent lots of time tagging along and helping out..
I’ve seen first hand what an amazing job local nonprofits do..  
But now i’m older, with a degree marketing and lots of experience in the power of social media, I have to admit something to you;
Many great nonprofits suck at engaging people through social media networking!  I feel so strongly about this that I haven’t just created a non-profit discount, I’ve slashed my social media networking package by 50% for any nonprofit that wants to excel in this 46 Billion dollar part of the industry..
With as little as 5 hours per week, I can transform your engagement success..  

Growing the digital presence of a company has never been more important until now. My social media marketing services are imperative to local west Michigan nonprofits and I will show you how and why this is true. Let’s start off with the performance over a 4 month period of Greater Ottawa County United Way. This nonprofit has over 50+ funding partners in Ottawa County and the main goal of digital presence is to raise capital to disperse throughout local nonprofits in Ottawa County.

Time Range: 2/29/2020 – 6/3/2020:




These are the main performance metrics in social media marketing and understand that the goal is to raise capital for the nonprofit funding partners. In the following paragraphs I will break down the three main performance metrics of Impressions, Engagements, and Post Link Clicks to define and analyze these results.


Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. For the four month period analyzed in this company scenario, the total number of impressions or number of times the content was displayed is 197,097 a 214% increase across four months. Below is a breakdown of the platform impressions across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What good are impressions beyond exposure if they are not converted or engaged with? The next metric of review are Engagements, which are defined simply by sprout social as the number of times that users engaged with your posts during the reporting period. In the case of Greater Ottawa County United Way Engagements may lead to interest in donating toward the community and impact solutions. Let’s break down the cross-platform engagements across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Engagement rates across all platforms saw an increase and the end goal of this is to gain interested clients to the donation landing page in order to raise capital for disbursement to funding partners in Ottawa County. Therefore the end goal is Post Link Clicks in order to gain as many viewers on the landing page for the best chance of raising capital. The ultimate goal of nonprofits is to raise money and the digital landscape provides donation landing pages for people to give online. Below are the Post Link Click results in the given four month time period. Post Link Clicks is the number of times that users clicked on links from your posts during the reporting period, according to Sprout Social.

The 64% increase in Post Link Clicks gave Greater Ottawa County United Way 510 more donation chances on the landing page than they recorded in previous months. This led to an amount raised of x.

In conclusion Greater Ottawa County United Way greatly benefited from the three main pillars of digital media metrics and analysis. Impressions, Engagement, and Post Link Clicks is the sales funnel that this nonprofit used to generate capital from the public for the disbursement of funds to 50+ local nonprofits.

Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Live United.

Michael Moran

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