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In both my corporate and entrepreneurial experience I have collaborated with many industries in the marketing arena. My most recent industry of focus has been nonprofits. Implementing foundation marketing strategies and delivering on those principles through a customized plan has proven successful.

My marketing strategy for nonprofits is largely the same: Value Message + Distribution Channels + Retention = Fundraising Dollars

In the next paragraphs I explain the three core principles that comprise this formula and what each one means specifically. Without fundraising dollars nonprofits are unable to properly fund the community, cover expenses, and ultimately provide payroll for their staff members. Let’s dive in to the formula on how we can maximize fundraising dollars and grow your nonprofit.

Value Message: This portion of the nonprofit marketing strategy consists of providing value and most importantly clarity on what impact the nonprofit has on the community and its neighbors. This is the seed for which you plant your future growth through branding expansion and digital fundraising. Value is the key factor in differentiating your nonprofit from others in getting the community’s dollars working toward your impact with the goal of those dollars being seen in use.

Distribution Channels: Marketing distribution channels are crucial in every industry because simply put, marketing is everything. Surrounding our daily activities through emotional pulls, marketing is present in both physical and digital distribution channels. Social media is the modern day distribution channel hub for many marketing activists who have proven track records at fortune 100 companies. This much is known, however the question is how can we provide value through our distribution channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

Retention: Building and retaining a following is not an easy task however in nonprofit the fundraising dollars come from continued value. Retention through personal and social engagement is the key to growing a following and raising capital for the community. Recurring contributions are key to growing your nonprofit funding.

I collaborate with companies and nonprofits of all sizes, while managing my own personal services and groups. I’d like to consult with your nonprofit and grow fundraising dollars through the value, distribution, and retention processes. Fundraising dollars raised digitally will put you on the forefront of solving community issues.

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