Establishing Marketing Foundations

It is very important to establish principles and foundations for marketing and business strategy when first starting out in your business. Foundation and strategy build great companies who are prepared to seek their target market and establish rapport with a specific niche. Specific metrics can be used to measure the progress of your marketing foundations which can turn into future conversions.

#1 – Target Market

One’s target market is the ideal personnel to channel your products and services towards to obtain sales and revenue. In term’s of marketing it is your ‘target market’ who have the strongest chance of becoming ‘qualified buyers’. This may be segmented into separate lists and studied as qualified buyers or a potential re-target prospect.

#2 – Distribution Channels

Once you identify your company’s target market it is time to plan for the distribution channels you will use to market the product or service. The goal of this is to reach qualified buyers that fit your target market who have the best chance of buying the product or service.

Please contact me today to put your foundations in place and build a strategy. I believe through these principles your company will reach new heights.

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