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As I grow older the more I read the news and the more I am aware of what is going on in the world around me. This heightened sense of awareness regarding current events obviously crosses paths with politics as it is everywhere from a federal, state, and local level.

To begin I will start by mentioning my heritage is both British and American. I am 50% of each making me like most of the Americans we see in modern society who have a rich European or African heritage. I had no political predestination growing up therefore it is up to me to decide.

My family has never really been involved in politics as the trouble it brings is not worth it to my parents. I followed suit and I completely agree with this statement to date. In fact, the more I am involved in politics the more heat I receive and trouble I have to take responsibility. With that being said I have still chosen a party. I’m in the Republican party unless a certain debating issue sways my thoughts significantly, however that is VERY unlikely.

Many people associate the current President with its supporters as if they are the exact same person. The problem I have with that is the office changes every 4-8 years and you are still assigned to a wing. Two different wings, same bird.

I am impartial on the structure of politics and I think it is one big reality television show that traps the minds of every citizen in some, way, shape or form. I’ll be truthful with myself, I’m taking time out of my day to write this article which means it has captivated me.

-Michael C. Moran

While I mentioned my impartiality on the subject of politics and the reality tv show-like aura of politics, I choose the Republican party because it’s my duty as an American to vote therefore I must choose like all of you, a party to side with.

Michael’s Top Issues:

-Affordable Housing


-Big Banks



-Gun Control

Feel free to reach out to me on your viewpoint on the subject of politics as I am intrigued to hear what you all think about the two-party system in the United States of America.

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Michael C. Moran

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