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If you own a business and are not currently utilizing Facebook ad strategies then I’m very sorry to say your business is not only behind the curve, but behind in sales and in danger of failing to grow. Targeted social networking has become a base level of necessity for marketing research conducted by companies in the modern marketplace. The purpose and goal of this is to reach qualified customers regarding your products and services.

A few key statistics regarding the volume of users on Facebook:

-1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily

-88% of users are on to stay in contact with family and friends

-Highest traffic occurs midday Wednesday & Thursday

*Data Conducted by Sprout Social

There is no question that this platform is essential for growing your reach and developing a target market. Once you have your Facebook Business page up and running it is time to develop an ‘AdSpend strategy’. I specialize in digital marketing services for clients of all sizes while handling my own brand’s digital media.

Below is my step by step example on how I ran a successful Facebook Ad campaign for the local west Michigan nonprofit.

FB Advertising Summary

Performance Summary
Audience Targeting

Ad Spend Strategy Metrics

These categories or metrics of measurement for ad spend planning and tracking will launch your ad campaign results to the next level.

-Dollar Amount

-Ad Type


-Image/Link Preview




-CTA (Call to Action)

Key Performance Indicators

The reach to link click ratio is the KPI that should be the monitored often to see how effective the ad is driving users to your landing page. This is also known as click through rate for general ads. The higher this percentage is the more effectively you are reaching your target market to source qualified leads.

In summary the more you prepare, research, and monitor the better your campaign results will be, ultimately growing your business. For help with running successful advertising campaigns please contact me at michaelcmoran@gmail.com and we can sit down, have some coffee, and develop a kick-ass Facebook ad together. I’d love to learn more about your organization.

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