The War on COVID-19

It’s been an eye-opening couple of weeks as the United States effectively shuts down in wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Mitigation efforts extend to the state of Michigan government as Governor Whitmer ordered all bars and restaurants to close for 3 weeks, starting March 16th at 3PM EST. The coronavirus originated in China and started to slowly spread overseas and now has caused both a pandemic and declaration of national emergency, hence the extreme mitigation measures taken by the state of Michigan amid the discovery of COVID-19 cases in Kent and Ottawa County.

Retail stores have been barren and trucks are being escorted by police cars with ‘precious’ supplies, most notably trucks full of toilet paper. During the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 spread in to the US, it would seem that the world had gone crazy with the amount of supplies hording and barren shelves at grocery stores and local markets. On the bright side this virus has brought the nation together across many organizations, small businesses, and local communities.

The non profit sector is scrambling to put emergency plans in to place for local relief in areas such as health, financial stability, and food solutions. As bars and restaurants were ordered to close on the 16th in the state of Michigan we are seeing many in the food business suddenly out of work with no short-term solution aside from government reliance in the form of unemployment benefits. The first few days of this has been hectic as tensions rise with lack of governmental solutions at speed. We will closely monitor how this unfolds in the coming days and weeks.

Filing for Unemployment can take up to weeks with dozens of hurdles to jump through all of which are unsafe to be in a congregation of people at a local government office where germs are easily spread. So the question is, “how realistic is this solution for the everyday working person who is out of a job?”. The answer is not realistic whatsoever. It’s been a few days now since schools have shut and the nation has self-quarantine measurements in place. A shelter-in-place order was placed upon San Francisco residents on Monday which is a national emergency related measure that New York City public officials have hinted at possibilities of.

🚨 Breaking News 🚨

The White House Officials are suggesting that every American could be sent a $1,000 check to relieve the financial hardship that the virus has brought upon the economy along with many families across the nation. The idea was proposed by Senator Mitt Romney of Utah and supposedly given a ‘thumbs up’ by President Trump per the Washington Post. More to follow on this breaking news subject.

Here is what the Washington Post wrote about the discussions:

β€œWe’re looking at sending checks to Americans immediately,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, adding that Trump wants checks to go out β€œin the next two weeks.”

In addition to this idea brought to light by government officials, President Trump has also stated he will “waive student loan interest payments” during this COVID-19 crisis as a part of the financial relief Bill. Both of these anticipated government actions will have to go through due process to achieve checks and balances before individuals receive financial relief, COULD TAKE WEEKS!

Calm and Collected?

The United States is seeing a much larger negative economic impact than simply the US Stock Market shares being reduced in share price. People are out of jobs due to closures in the food and retail industries which lead to increased poverty levels and panic. Local agencies must continue to provide relief while national legislation formulates plans to carry out financial relief. President Trump has expressed his every intention to fight off this virus even declaring a war on it.

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