Which Insurance Company Should I Choose?

No matter the year or technological advancements present within the insurance agency you choose, assigning your policies to a personal agent is very important to ensure you and your family are insured properly and honestly by the insurance agent and carrier as a whole.

The most important component to many insured persons regarding expectations from the agency, include prompt and professional customer service. Besides friendly service many prefer speed of accuracy when it comes to adding or dropping off cars, adding insured individuals, or simply paying a bill on the phone for some customers.

I worked in both field offices and captive agencies during my time in the industry as an ‘in-house rep’ so I am able to provide an honest insider’s viewpoint on which insurance structure is best for Michigan residents. The companies I worked for include Liberty Mutual Insurance and Farm Bureau Insurance.

It’s By Far The Best To Have Multiple Carrier Options

An insurance agency who contracts with multiple carriers is the best option to have as a resident of Michigan, whether you are insuring your family or an individual policy. This will allow you to have a comprehensive view of your carrier options.

Above are a few examples of insurance carriers to choose from and to get an idea of how many carriers an agency typically can contract with to provide customers with options. Each insurance company has different rate niches and target markets for quality and affordable quotes.

A few key steps are included in ensuring you choose the right insurance agency to be insured through exclusively. You will have NO NEED to switch companies unless are changing the state you reside and are insured in. This is important to get on personal terms with your agent and really establishing a relationship if you haven’t had a previous friendship or family relationship in the past. Insurance should be something that you spend time on drafting with you and your family, and the agent should be someone close to you in some way personally or professionally.

A few important factors when choosing an agent summarized..

  • Trustworthy & Caring Agent
  • Options of Carriers
  • Michigan-Based Agent

These key factors will play a role in the overall ‘insurance experience’ you have in your lifetime. Financial protection and personal protection are the two pillars of a defensive move for families and individuals alike. Reach out to me with any questions about home and auto insurance.

Drive Safe Michigan,

Michael C. Moran

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