Michigan Auto Insurance Guide: Coverage Types

In a separate blog post on auto insurance written for Michigan residents, I discussed 5 key areas of auto insurance coverage that many people often overlook when working with a licensed agent. The specific area of choice involving auto insurance coverage called “collision coverage”, dictates whether or not one’s vehicle will be covered for the car collision damages resulting from an event of a crash with another vehicle or object.

An insured in the state of Michigan has the option to choose between a variety of coverage options including but not limited to Full-Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, and PLPD (Personal Liability and Property Damage). The sensible coverage option is full-coverage because it provides collision and comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, which covers the cost of the damage repairs. Collision coverage also provides protection for comprehensive claims such as hitting an animal, or an object damaging your windshield.

Michael Moran, Former Licensed Agent

Auto Insurance Coverage Types

  1. Full Coverage
  2. Comprehensive Coverage
  3. PLPD


Most importantly protects one’s vehicle from a collision resulting in damages. Comprehensive coverage is also included with this option which involves hitting an animal, objects, vandalism, theft, and optional glass coverage. This is important for damage protection from things other than a car or property damage collisions. It is important to note that a claim will result in higher premium rates, therefore talk to your agent about whether or not you should file a claim based on the damage incurred from an incident.

Full-Coverage: Collision + Comprehensive + PLPD

Michigan is a no-fault insurance state and the accident rate is higher than other states, meaning premium payments are higher regardless of driving history. Although a clean driving record and good credit goes a long way in reducing your rates, the geographical location plays a role in determining risk.

Comprehensive Coverage

Another auto insurance coverage option, which protects against damage from incidents other than car collisions or a crash resulting in property damage. If an insured elects to choose this coverage option alone, his or her car would not be protected against collision damage, and would be on the hook for the repair costs of the damage in the event of a crash. Comprehensive coverage is best for cars kept in storage that the insured will NOT drive on the road. This protects the storage car from damages that may occur off the road, as I mentioned in previous examples.

Comprehensive Coverage: Non-Collision Damages + PLPD

Personal Liability & Property Damage (PLPD)

PLPD is the state of Michigan required auto insurance coverage. This coverage protects yourself against liabilities resulting in an auto insurance accident. Read the Michigan Auto Insurance Guide: Liability blog to learn more about the liability coverage limits in the state of Michigan. The property damage coverage is for an event of public property damage as a result of an auto accident. Remember, with the state minimum coverage YOUR VEHICLE IS NOT COVERED.

PLPD: Liability and property damage coverage (state required)

Drive Safe Michigan,

Michael Moran

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