The IOT (Internet of Things): A Public University & Cyber Infrastructure

Western Michigan University’s Cyber Infrastructure:

Gaurav Dave (GD) presented information with regards to the value in the ‘connectivity of things’ by using the example of WMU’s Cyber infrastructure. Mr. Dave spoke of the mass amount of wireless connected devices present in modern day institutions (corporations, firms, universities). In the global economy manufactures are producing cheaply through means of the ‘invisible path’ of connected technological mediums. Technological processes are presently governed under the ‘wireless cloud’, infrastructure services provide value to corporations’ strategic plans and competitive advantage. The four main components contained within global firms today include:

  1. Network Support Services
  2. Network Systems and Architecture
  3. Enterprise Systems
  4. Production Operations

Western Michigan University is an adequate reference point when visualizing the layout of cyber infrastructure within large institutions. A snapshot of the network and connectivity features of WMU include 3000 wireless access points, 68,000 wired ports, 1300 network devices, MERIT Dual 10 Gbps, and backup connectivity via CTS. In 2014 WMU saw a large spike in Gbps due to the implementation of an upgraded firewall. The University is expected to handle a fast growing Gbps in the future.

IOT and the Art of Possibility:

illustrated current events as means for the Internet of Things. A very recent sporting venue by the name of Wrigley field was a center for extreme data usage between the fans of the baseball teams. The 2016 World Series Champions the Chicago Cubs use data infrastructure for performance-based guidance and injury prevention. This network of connected devices is seen across the sporting world today to monitor performance and physiological information. A wide variety of statistics are analyzed via the Internet of Things on dates when matches are held. Statistics illustrating performance percentages, venue data, weather, individual player performance, and physiological information are all monitored at data centers.

The 2016 Presidential race is largely affiliated with the Internet of Things. Real-time data streams are active during presidential debates providing viewers with a ‘360 view’ of the candidates’ facts. Researchers are reporters are able to bring certain criteria to light via twitter feed monitoring which is a catalyst for underlying data with regards to the presidential election.

Stay tuned for more on the IOT,

Michael Moran

Managing Partner @ IHG Management

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