Harvard Business Review: HR Social Performance

Today’s job market is heavily influenced by employee benefits with regards to candidates choosing between job offers, careers, and opportunities. The importance of employee benefits in choosing a position has grown steadily since 2015, when data was released by Glassdoor via hiring surveys.

Two major results followed the ‘Employee Confidence’ study:

  • 60% of people report that benefits and perks are a majorly influential factor in considering whether to accept a job offer
  • 80% of people would choose additional benefits over an increase in pay.

Perhaps the likes of Twitter and Google whose benefits include all luxurious desirable benefits (catered meals, acupuncture, haircuts, massages, etc.), aren’t as essential to the average employee who requires basic needs to be met via benefits.

The most important benefits valued by job seekers today include: Better health, dental, and vision insurance, more flexible hours, and lastly more vacation time. This illustrates the millennial generation and future generations who find value in traveling and limited work hours.

Source(s): https://hbr.org/2017/02/the-most-desirable-employee-benefits



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