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The following research is designated for SMM, a hypothetical start-up company that wants to specialize in providing social media management and monitoring for small to mid-size companies and non-profit organizations. My research was dispersed among eight databases in which six of those are costly sources provided for free through Western Michigan University as a part of tuition costs.

The purpose of the following research is to support SMM in successful advertising/promotion strategies through social media, and to provide insight for readers on the impact of modern technology.

List of Reports đź“Š

Secondary Source: Mintel U.S. Reports

Report Name/Date: Marketing to the iGeneration (U.S., Social Media, April 2016)

Rationale: This report addresses the following key issues:

  • The iGen (kids and teens) are most interested in posts on social media that are “funny and humorous”
  • Other iGen interests include: Music, animals, fashion, and “cute and artistic” posts

iGen Media Interests Percentages

iGen Media Interests Percentage

Secondary Source: ABI Inform

Report Name/Date: Getting the Most Out of Advertising and Promotion (U.S., Social Media, Harvard Business Review)

Rationale: This report addresses the following key issues:

Single-source data, a type of marketing data measures TV and other media/marketing exposure to provide information on resulting purchase behavior.

Single-source data benefits include:

  • Provides marketing managers the opportunity to increase marketing productivity
  • Use single-source test markets as “lead markets” for national advertising campaigns
  • Cut back unproductive promotions

Secondary Source: Business Insights Global

Report Name/Date: Use of Social Media at night affects kids’ health (Wales, Social Media, December 2016)

Rationale: This report addresses the following key issues:

  • Overuse of screen time, especially in children, can have a negative impact on health, well-being, and learning development.
  • Use of social media during bedtime routine increased levels of tiredness at school the next day
  • Welsh Government’s “Education Begins at Home “campaign may provide opportunities

Secondary Source: MarketLine Advantage

Report Name/Date: Old Spice Case Study: Using Social Media to Revitalize a Brand (U.S., Social Media, November 2010)

Rationale: This report addresses the following key issues:

Old Spice’s “Smell Like a Man” campaign revitalized the brand and reinforced old traditions via:

  • Interactive social media- Dialogue with Twitter followers, and Youtube video channel responding to consumer questions
  • Increased social media statistics: 94 million YouTube views, more than 80,000 twitter followers, and 630,000 Facebook fans.


“Smell Like a Man” Campaign Key Performance Indicators

Smell like a man campaign

Secondary Source: Statista

Report Name/Date: Impact of child’s technology usage on selected areas of their life according got parents in the United States (U.S., Social Media Impact, October 2015)

Rationale: This report addresses the following key issues:

Social Media may have a positive impact on a child’s:

  • Technology Skills
  • Ability to research and find information
  • Performance in school
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Social relationships

Secondary Source: Pew Research Center

Report Name/Date: Social Media Update 2016 (U.S., Social Media, 2016)

Rationale: This report addresses the following key issues:

  • Facebook usage and engagement is on the rise, while adoption of other platforms holds steady
  • More Americans are now seeking news via social media
  • Approximately 79% of online Americans use Facebook

Secondary Source: The Harris Poll

Report Name/Date: Increasing Number of Americans Have Had Positive Outcomes from Social Media (U.S., Social Media Impact, January 6, 2015)

Rationale: This report addresses the following key issues:

Millennials experience the best social media outcomes out of any other generation having:

  • A good suggestion for something to try (66% vs. 56% Gen Xers, 37% Baby Boomers & 33% Matures)
  • Made a connection regarding a job opportunity (37% vs. 24% Gen Xers, 10% Baby Boomers & 6% Matures)
  • Found a new apartment or house (19% vs. 11% Gen Xers, 5% Baby Boomers & 2% Matures)


Industry Trade Association: American Marketing Association

Report Name/Date: Social Media Most Effective When Combined with Ads: Study (AMA Scholarly Insights, January 2016)

Rationale: This report addresses the following key issues:

  • By 2018 we can expect digital channels to outpace TV
  • Digital Advertising such as content marketing make a difference in consumer purchases
  • Company-generated content in social media increases sales and consumer profitability

Suggested Conferences and Trade Shows:

  • Social Media Week- New York 2017
  • Digital Summit Phoenix 2017
  • SMX West 2017- Search Marketing Expo
  • Experiential Marketing Summit 2017
  • Leads Conference – Las Vegas 2017

Overall the articles from the secondary research databases proved to be worthy of key information on social media’s impact on consumer behavior and preferences. The results will help SMM discover key and consistent statistics in the methods of social media advertising, and the opportunity to conduct a campaign. Additional primary research that may be of use includes conducting similar research in the territories that SMM is targeting to provide the most current consumer attitudes.

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