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Insurance Agents: I know how tough it can be to gain client appointments on a weekly basis. That’s why I specialize in Facebook advertising with targeted demographics keyword research and #research to scale your agency to where you want to be…

Agents it’s time to take a leap of faith and explore all avenues of client acquisition.. schedule clarity call with me and we can get you set up with targeted Facebook ads to gain leads and new client appointments

Insurance Agents: My agency provides leads that are on average 45% more affordable than traditional lead generation services..

Our leads have filled out a “lead form” saying “yes I want a quote”..

This ad set was simply a $50 ad spend investment that yielded 6 interested leads in 7 days for half the price..

Imagine scaling to $1,000 investment on Ad Spend…

Endless lead possibilities in the state of MI…

Scale Your Business – Facebook Ads

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